Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Planting Time

Last week saw the start of the potatoes planting here at on the farm. We let Henry Chinn from Ross-on-Wye use some of our fields to grow his potatoes on. This year fields Aerodrome and Pastures are being used by Henry and they will be irrigated from our re-vamped reservoir and newly laid underground mains. http://www.cobrey.co.uk will tell you all about Henry's farm, where it is, what he grows and more importantly where you can buy it from! This machine is a bed tiller and cultivates the ridges of soil before they are de-stoned, (who likes mis-shaped potatoes these days). They are finally planted. They will take about 4 weeks to emerge when the rows will look something like this...........................................

Not only are potatoes being planted but spring barley has been drilled and our wheat and Oilseed Rape crops have been fertilised (plant food).
Lambing is well underway with about 430 left to lamb. I hope there will be some for the lambing day on the 15th April when over 250 people have booked to come and see what we do!

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