Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Wychall Primary School Visit

Yesterday was the 1st visit by Wychall Primary School to Overbury as part of the 'Year of Food and Farming' twinning project. The day began with an introduction from Penelope and me, then a boot dip and a trip to the toilet! After that the children moved to the Estate Yard where we split into 2 groups looking at our sheep flock, with Tod and the kitchen gardens with Steve. Storm, Tod's sheep dog stole the show and loved the attention from everybody. The children touched sheep feed and some lambs, a first for many of them. Tod also gave us a quick fencing demonstration, with the quad bike and rappa fencing system, then it was off to the village hall for some well earned lunch. Billy and Michela had cooked up some ingredients that the children harvested from the garden and we all tasted lovely warm carrot and celeriac soup, with a risotto side and maple syrup glazed beetroot (my favourite, thanks Billy!) After lunch we tested the coach drivers skills up to the Eastern end of Bredon Hill to look at the view and talk about LEAF boards. It was very cold and windy so we retreated to the coach went to look at a field of Brassica's! Then we checked out a wheat Field and then Charlie dug up a bean plant. It was then time to go so everyone clambered back onto the bus, dirty wellies included and headed back to Wychall. It was a great day, everyone enjoyed the experiences and we all learnt lots of new things. We will be contacting the classes again for our next video link. Tasks, based on what the children saw and learnt about will be set. Good Luck children and very well done!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Ben Lane from the Wychall Visit thanks for the trip it was great

Anonymous said...

Harriett Baldwin saying how wonderful to see the twinning starting so well. Sorry I could not be there for this one, but let me know the future dates.

Keely Huxtable said...

Looks like you had a fab day!
Sorry I couldnt be there this time but will hopefully be able to join you next time!
Keely Huxtable

Anonymous said...

It was a great day. I loved it. Thank you for letting us come. Chase Jessimer