Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Carrant Clearout

In the lull before harvest, which will be late this year, due to the cool weather, Derek and Gordon set to to remove a couple of willow trees that had taken root in the Carrent Brook. The trees were trimmed earlier in the year by the electric board, as they were growing towards their cables, but left the hard job of removing the stumps to the experts! The digger freed the roots whilst the tractor applied about 200hp of pressure and eventually the trees gave up, luckily before the digger slid into the brook!


Arcadian Advocate said...

Any update on your harvest progress yet?
Hope it went well.

Jake Freestone said...

The harvest that never was....

It pedicted so much but in the end failed to deliver. Wew managed abouot 1/3 milling wheat, 1/3 feed and 1/3 well below feed on the wheat side, all of the beans, oats and spring barley. Finished on the 21st September.