Friday, 23 October 2009


Well, here we are 24 hour to go untill we leave for Amsterdam, in 36 hrs we'll be on the plane to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  Dad and I in conjunction with brother in law James and father in law John are due to start the climb on Tuesday.  Bags are packed, repacked and packed again with everything from longjohns to camel packs to re-hydration sachets (thanks hannah). I'll see if this get to farmer jakes blog so that I can blog from Africa's highest point, also known as the worlds highest free standing mountain, AKA the world highest volcano!!  Let's go!
Jake Freestone
Farm manager Overbury Farms


Ian said...

Jake, your test worked, at least we can see the post here at Hillside!!

We had no idea you were planning this expedition! Good luck to you all, hope all goes to plan. We will be following your progress thru your blog assuming the technology works!

All the best from Ian and the gang at Hillside...

willson said...

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