Friday, 5 March 2010

Still Lambing

A hardcore bunch of ewes have still to produce their wares. It's been nearly a month now and we still have 16 left to lamb down. The grass still isn't really growing yet especially with the very cold nights so we are having to feed some groups hay out in the field. Hopefully the warm weather will be here soon and some well timed fertiliser will give the grass a nice boost in time for the main lambing flock which starts about the 1st April. If you are interesting and want to come and see for yourselves what happens at this time of year at Overbury we are hosting our annual Farm Lambing Day on Sunday the 11th April. Trailer rides will be leaving from the village hall between 10 am and 3pm to ferry people to the lambing sheds. No need to book, just turn up but bear in mind the lunchtime trailers can get a bit full. There will be food and refreshments in the Village Hall as well. Please see our website for more details

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