Friday, 28 May 2010

Crow Predation

Paul, the head keeper at Overbury sent me this picture of a crow that was living on the farm. Under the nest was a total of 56 pheasant eggs and 5 partridge eggs. These eggs were all from wild bird nests and just goes to show the damage that just one pair of these predators can do to the native bird populations. There is lots of evidence published by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust detailing the need to control these predators to help game bird survival but also to have a very positive effect on the LBJ's (little Brown Jobs) ie the rest of the natural bird population (thrushes, blackbirds, yellow hammers etc).

Adjacent to this nest site was a magpie nest which was taken out earlier in the year and it was swamped with thrush and blackbird eggs.

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Morgainne O'Finneran said...

well, crows have to eat too, I have a farm, many many birds of all kinds including crows. He should not have killed this crow, this makes me sick he did that, I hang birdhouses of all kinds for the smaller birds the crows are too big to enter, of course crows are going to look for food! So you killed a bird for doing what comes natural? That is sick! Are you daft?