Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ragwort Worries

It's that time of year again when the yellow peril rears its pretty head above the grass and other weeds. Ragwort, poisonous to livestock when dead/dried, is one of the major 'non tolerable' weeds found around farms and even more readily seen on our roadside verges and central reservations.
It's an annual problem that can only really be controlled by digging/pulling every year. This year we have started early following the combine around pulling the few sprigs from the hedge bottoms and stewardship margins. An on going battle for us made even more frustrating when I see it seeding merrily along the A46 at the bottom of the farm. Wake up local councils and get it sorted out or with hard cuts coming in local budgets will it just fall of the bottom of the priority lists?


Anonymous said...

Farmer Jake, Ragwort remains a 'controlled weed' and councils have an obligation to remove it, i realise that you are a busy man but a complaint is worth a try!!!

Jake Freestone said...

Thanks for the comment i will get a letter in the post today, especially as it is raining and we can't go combining arrgghhhh!!!!!