Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Test Blogging From Iphone

For the last couple of months we have been keeping pigeons at bay with many different tactics. This one is rather fun, it's called 'Hawkeye' and it rotates in the wind, reflecting sunlight with the reflective strips. They work well as part of the overall mix controls, these have to include gas guns backed up with shooting. It is important to protect the crops from these pests, whole fields can be decimated by large flocks. The value of rape is being pushed up again following the oil price and world supply and demand issues. As spring crops are planted and different food sources become available the pigeons will migrate away, and the crops can then hopefully grow away from any damage caused.  Well this seems to have worked well.  back in the editing suit (AKA-The Office) just a few changes and to let you all know that I have set up a youtube site which will be showing video footage of the farm and the activities that we do.  Click HERE if you would like to have a glipse, then hit the subscribe button to keep upto date with our activities.

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