Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tree Planting in The Community Orchard

Our second very successful tree planting morning was held today in the COCO (Conderton and Overbury Community Orchard).  We had to cancel the planned session last weekend as the ground was so frozen the nursery's couldn't get the trees out of the ground.  The forecast didn't look great but we pressed on and stayed dry all morning.  It total we planted 35 trees, a mixture of perry pears and cider apples, (not that we are all alcoholics you know), but it was traditionally this kind or orchard.  Varieties included Judge Amphlett, Blakeney Red and Moorcroft (perry pear) and Tom Putt, 10 Commandments and a few other cider apples. In the past the farm workers would have been paid in cider and they would have had a daily ration, so orchards were planted up to maintain this staple requirement.  
It was a great opportunity to meet up and spend a couple of hours chatting and getting some fresh air as well as contributing to the local landscape and providing interest and a wildlife benefit for the generations to come.

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