Wednesday, 10 January 2007

You know its wet when.....

You are crop walking and upon return your boots weigh twice as much as you do.
When 5 minutes after washing your truck it needs doing again.
All the sheep are huddled under the one bush in the middle of a field.
A group of 4 Herons set up a stake-out in the middle of a field.
When Sian, Emma, Charlie, Fiona and the host of other weather reporters all say we're getting wet. How can they always get this weather correct? It's a completely different story in the summer!
When the rain gauge fills up over-night.
All your coats are wet because there's not enough time to get them dried.
All the local horses are turned out dressed in, to the untrained eye, water-proof coats, scarves and I'm sure I saw one with boots on.
The flood meadows are underwater (see above). These fields regularly flood, which provide nutrients for the field, relieves some down-stream pressure and provides a good damp habitat for wadding birds to forage and feed in.

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