Monday, 5 March 2007

Swimathon Update

About halfway through my training, if you can call it that. Fitting an hour in the pool here and there, managing about 100 lengths. It nearly kills me but I think I'm getting there. I have also decided to try and increase my cardivo-vascular abilities. Sounds impressive I know and not knowing how to go about it I joined the local gym. Rivers gym has two locations, one in Pershore and one in Evesham, both within striking distance. I have never been in a gym before and to the untrained eye it is more than a little humorous! Each victim, (myself now included) assumes his or her position on an electrical gadget before plugging themselves in via an ipod dock or a heart monitor, sets up how much pain they can handle and presses go! After what seems like a lifetime of pain, half a litre of sweat and the deafening tones of hardcore dance music, the machine slows up and starts it's 'cool down' phase. In my case this allows blood to re-invade my legs giving me an assumed drug induced dullness, maybe I am overdoing it? All around the room people are plugged in, looking in mirrors and 'pumping iron'. It site would be akin to a series of Big Brother filmed in a hamster cage!

A big thank you to all the people who have sponsored me, the total in approaching £500 now, so we're on the way. Don't forget the Farm Lambing Day which is on Sunday 15th April this year!!

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