Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fresh Country Air

Last weekend the contractors arrived to spread about 400t of mushroom compost. We would usually hire the spreaders ourselves and do the operation a little later in the summer but the adjacent fields were destined for Oilseed Rape and so a quick turn around was required. I checked all of the NVZ restrictions and the water framework directory and found that there was no problem in spreading this low nutrient, high organic matter and high sinus clearing product at this time of year. As the spreaders started their soil improving task the waft of sweet fresh country air, held up on stiff south westerly carried nicely into the local villages much to the confusion of the natives. Were we spraying some horrible pesticide? Were the drains blocked and was sewage erupting volcanically from the nearest pipe? No I'm afraid it was nothing that exciting, it was just us enhancing the light soils with some well deserved organic matter. Next year I will be investigating some other forms of organic matter to help improve the land and who knows that type might even smell of Chanel No 5!!


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you, as there don't seem to be many comments, so I thought I would say "Hi"

I live near Droitwich and should be doing my son's VAT return at the moment, rather than reading blogs.

We have finished harvest, son worked late into Tuesday night to get the beans finished and is now trying to get the rape planted asp.

Jake Freestone said...

We've got about 100ha of wheat to go and about 100ha of beans ready to go under the knife, rape all planted but some seedbeds cbould do with a rain.

Ian @ Hillside said...

As countryside smells go, this particular one was strong and caused a few disproving looks in the dogs direction as we drove through the village!

Jake Freestone said...

Ian, at least they were looking at the dog and not the owner!!