Saturday, 1 August 2009

Grain Drying

Well, this is a very historic moment. I am updating my block from the grain store office on my blackberry device.
I haven't got a photo to show you yet, watch this space. I am drying the winter barley, second time around, on a very wet depressing day,
I can't actually believe that it is the 1st of August and the Ashes Test has been abandoned for the day. It might sound daft but this rain is almost worse for the crops than the very heavy downpours we had earlier in the week.
This rain soaks through eveything, the ears of wheat will be swelling up and taking all of that moisture in. Let's hope the weather picks up soon or it will be another rerun of 2008.
On a positive note we managed to get the new John Deere 8530 working yesterday between the showers, trying out the topdown on barley stubbles and it was doing a great job!

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