Wednesday, 10 July 2013

23 Days Into Nuffield and the Wheels Have Temporarily Stopped

Well the day started off on schedule, up before the alarm clock, well actually I didn't get much sleep, always nervous of over-sleeping and being late especially when travelling.  I made the brief walk across from the Ramada Hotel to Spokane International airport and made the flight to Denver.

The sunrise was fantastic as I made my way onto the plane.  The next plane journey I had to take was delayed from Denver on to Pierre, in South Dakota so I busied myself on the blog I even made time for a beer.  Flatteringly I was asked for ID.  Now I'm not sure of the drinking age in Denver but I'm sure isn't over 40!  I drank my beer and wandered the 20m, at the most, over to the boarding gate and the plane had already left.  I hadn't heard the final call, even though I was so close.  So here I am sitting and waiting for the next plane 10 hours after I arrived in Denver.  I might get a standby in another hour, if not it will be a 3 hour flight round the houses instead of a one hour flight., leaving a further hour later.
On the plus side I have caught up with lots of work e-mails and researched a little bit more about Agriculture in The Classroom so it hasn't been a complete waste of time.  I even had a nice time on Skype with my wife Andrea back at home which was great.  Just sorry I haven't caught up with Tom as planned.  Even more to do tomorrow, when we start work in South Dakota!
Just to update my blog.  I managed to get onto the standby flight for the 1 3/4 hour flight to Pierre.  The plane only held a maximum of 19 passengers and the flight certainly had it's ups and downs.  Jim, the pilot got us there safely, I was reunited with my baggage and Tom was waiting there as well.  So after the long delay I had arrived in South Dakota.

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