Saturday, 6 July 2013

4th of July Celebration

A day of celebration for my hosts today, it's the anniversary of Independence Day.  Robert was up early to switch the smoker on to get it warmed up for the beef brisket and pork meat.  The smoker cooked the meat for almost 12 hours and it was a deliciously tender, fragrant, mouth watering meal, later in the day.  I played crockett with Robert and his sons, Dillan and Logan in the afternoon before heading off to buy some fireworks and have a look around the countryside.
It really is an amazing place with steep canyons, dividing ridges of flatter cropped land on the plateau.  I say plateau's but really the farming seems to be slipping down the banks further and further.  There are some fields that are cultivated at about 45 degrees!  Robert says he farms 3 sides of acres acre and he is not joking!
We saw lots of wildlife along the way around including this eagle, who had made a nest on the top of an iron bridge.  She was obviously used to people leaving her alone as she made no attempt to fly as we went passed.
There were several deer around mainly grazing in the pea crops and they were lovely to see, even in the case of this one, just for a short time!
The Clearwater river has carved the main canyon through the area, leading on down to the Snake River and out into the Pacific.  It really is a stunning place to farm, if a little dangerous.  Farmers need to use their skills and be alert to the dangers of farming at these angles which are almost unbelievable.  When we returned we were joined by another family who originated from Nepal to share in the food and  fireworks late into the night.

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