Sunday, 14 July 2013

Today It's a BOGOF, Day 27 and 28 (13th and 14th of July)

Well as the title suggests this blog is made up from the events over the last two days.  The reason that they are over those two days is that for me they are one and the same!  Things started well getting to Denver, my bogey airport and yes the delay monster strikes again!  The force is not with me today!  The lightening came down and the floods came up and we sat, sat and then sat some more.  At this point I really didn't mind.  Strange you might have thought and Nuffie not to be in a hurry, but I had bigger fish to fry!  I would have had to wait in Chicago anyway so with free wifi and 'airport bingo' nearly with a full house I was content!  The e-mails kept coming adding to the delay but I knew I was safe, for now!
I arrived in Chicago, to be reunited with my starting Nuffield colleague Andy Williamson who had been travelling around Indiana, Illinois and Iowa the previous few weeks.  We found the terminal and waited.  Eventually we boarded the plane and prepared for take off.  I knew the day was going to be brutal as we had been scheduled to leave at 01.55 (Sunday).  By 4.30 we had already spent almost 3 hours on the plane and hadn't even moved off the tarmac, a mechanical fault.  Now it's hard to be cross at something like that, far better it is identified at 0 feet above sea level than at 37,000 feet.  What annoyed us the most was the lack of clear information in Spanish or English. Everything was an agonising 20 minutes away! By 6.30 we were off the plane and by 7.30 we had re-gathered our luggage and fortunately been re booked on to a United flight to Mexico City rather than Guadalajara.  We still missed our connection to Obregon, so our lazy catch up by the pool and some sight seeing was blown from the cooling water.
The flight into Mexico City was interesting to say the least.  A huge sprawling smoggy, smoking, pulsating community crammed into every inch.  We landed, collected our bags; changed clothes, as the old ones were, how do I put this politely, "walking through customs on their own" and headed back through security to continue our journey!  We blagged our way in the International VIP lounge and were gratefully fed and watered.
It's great to know that you have the support and comments, some entertaining from twitter and Facebook followers, eavesdropping in on our journey and the things we are finding out. It's also great to know the support from our families is also there, backing us all the way.  So to you all, here's a Corona (yes I know it's light - DLWG is too big) and a thank you for the support and comments, it is very much appreciated.

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