Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 21 of my Nuffield Adventure, Idaho

It was an early start for Robert to get some of the baling done before the alfalfa crop dries out.  In order to keep the leaves attached to the plant the hay should be turned and baled when damp.  The baler started at 3.30 this morning.  I appeared about 5.30 to take a few photographs of the open air tractor and then around the farm.  By about 7.30 the sun was up, the dust was flying and the baling had to stop.
The cows made a great silhouette up on the bank with the sun rising.  A small cow/calf (sucklers) operation take care of the grass banks that are down to permanent pasture and far too steep to get machinery down.  The Caterpillar blade/grader below is a great piece of kit for making and keeping roads smooth and level. I think there would be place for one of these at home, maintaining our dirt and stone tracks.
We headed out to play a round of golf during he middle of the day to relax and unwind for a while.  I spotted a bull frog in the water feature and the tadpoles swimming around must have been about 6" long!  They were huge.
On the way back to the farm we stopped to take a few photographs of the Clearwater Canyon again, down stream of the Dworshak dam.  The picture doesn't do the height above river level and the sheerness of the slopes.
Some of the neighbours have a lot of winter wheat that has gone flat, especially on the more fertile or exposed sights.  It is interesting that no growth regulators are used on the crops to try and keep them standing.  There could be options to try some growth regulation depending on the season, crop development and nitrogen inputs, if they are even available.
Playing golf was really great.  The sun was out and I managed to get around only loosing one ball, which, as I very rarely play is quite an out standing performance.  It was made all the more entertaining thanks to my fellow golfers, Dirk, Logan, Dillon and Robert.  Good times and good memories to take away from this beautiful part of Idaho.  Tomorrow I meet up with my Nuffield CSC mates near Spokane, which I am really looking forward to!

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