Thursday, 7 December 2006

Sunnier Times

Looking out of the window seeing sleet coming down, machinery being put away for the winter always makes me think back to the summer and what we were upto! This picture was taken on Bredon Hill, where the farm is, and is of me. Just about the time the Oilseed rape was being planted. Shorts only then, today leggings, wellies, hat and thick coat. It seems as if the seasons blur into one another as we hurtle past in our busy lives. It's just nice to take a moment and reflect on what has been achieved since the summer.
Crops planted, hedges cut, ditches maintained and cleaned out to allow road water to escape. Shooting season underway, small songbirds migrating into and out of the wild bird covers we plant. Its not a real winter yet, will we see a real winter again? Who knows but we hope to be there to rise to the challege as every season is so different to us.
We are embarking on a new project It is a web site that is effectivley a farmers market, providing local fresh food, grown by known farmers and delivered to places of work to collect on your way home. We'will see how that goes, co-operation has never been a farmers forte' times are a changing!

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Jane said...

Hi Jake

Great blog - the first one I have ever read. But you just can't get away from wearing those shortie shorts, can you? Give a big cuddle to the dogs from me.