Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Tractor Factory

Waterloo on Tuesday saw us arrive meeting up at the Tractor Factory where the 7000, 8000 and 9000 series tractors are built. Each of us has one of these tractors so it was good to see them being built and how mach effort goes in behind the turning of the key.

All the tractors are built to order and come along the production line as chassis, before the transmission and engines, (made at the previous visited factories) are all bolted on. The final tractors roll off after rigourous testing before being transported all over the world. Deere also make engines for marine, construction, irrigators, generators and gas powered engines for school buses and garbage trucks. We have located most of our baggage, one piece is still missing although all the rest is still at Chicago airport. The smart money is on Ben Tallis returning without his bags!

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