Friday, 8 December 2006

A Local 'E' Shop

Today saw the start for me of our 'Fresher By Miles' campaign. It is an internet based website promoting locally produced food directly from the farmer! All within a 30mile radius of Badsey in Worcestershire.

This is me showing our lamb at the Camden Food Research site at Chipping Camden. The idea is to get people involved at their places of work, where their food can be delivered! (Yes that is a tie!)

Local, sustainable, far fewer road miles, quick, easy and fresh, can it tick any more boxes? We need you to buy local, buy from the village shops, from the farm shop or the farmers market, you will benefit by having food that has flovour and taste and texture. We will benefit with increased revenue for our business which you can then enjoy with the maintained views as you use the footpaths, bridleways enjoying the lovely countryside. It only looks as it does now because it has been managed that way by generations of farmers.

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