Friday, 15 December 2006

Tree Roots and Muddy Boots

A few dry winters and we all get complacent about our drainage only to be bitten on the bum when it rains and rains and rains! Here's Gordon with a few holes, most filled with water, unblocking a land drain. The problem, tree and hedge roots that have grown into the drains over the years seeking out moisture and nutrients!
The drain runs along the hedge-line in which we have left Ash saplings un-cut to grow up through the hedge to provide perches, nesting facilities, song posts and as they mature habitats for insects and beetles bugs and creepy crawlies.

The hedge is about 15 years old and is nicely maturing now but it was planted over the drain line. It could just be a small blockage by the tree or we might have further explorations back up the line of the drain.

Cass, the dog, came out to offer an expert opinion and decided that the water was not too cold for a swim! She is mad.

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