Monday, 18 December 2006

The Windy City!

It's 19.00hrs and we left Chicago two and a half hours ago. We arrived as part of a group of farmers looking at the John Deere factories in Moline and Waterloo. We arrived safetly enough in O'Hare airport (Chicago) our luggage however was nowhere to be seen! 7 guys in the same clothes for 48hrs was not a pretty site or smell!

Today should have been present shopping in Chicago instead we were hunting pants, socks, trousers, shirts and toothpaste amoungst other things! We did manage a few beers whilst watching the Chicago Bears play NFL at home against Tampa Bay and we had more beef, Angus and very tender!

This blog comes from Moline, in the heart of John Deere country. The business part of the tour starts tomorrow, right now we are heading of to find the nighlife and some more steaks. I will try and post some pictures soon.

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