Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Dogs on a Lead

Many congratulations to this walker who proudly stood for a photograph holding his dog on a really long lead. The ewes and very young lambs are now in the parkland fields and indeed all over the hill, so all dogs should be on a lead. The ewes are easily disturbed by dogs running loose, however 'well behaved' or 'uninterested' pooch is of sheep. Any disturbance can lead to the ewes running off leaving lambs or turning to fight the dog ending up with injuries that might requiring treatment.

On a lighter note, if you want to come up to Park Farm and see for yourself what all of the excitment is about, our annual Farm Lambing Day is rapidly approaching. Tractor rides will leave form the village hall at Overbury on Saturday 29th March from 10am with last one leaving at 3pm. There will also be cookery demonstrations in the village hall, by Mark Devonshire from The Eckington Manor Cookery School. Rod, Paul and Shaun will also be available to talk about the Estates conservation projects and what their jobs entail.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Breath of Fresh Air!

Last week we hired two muck spreaders for a day to spread various heaps of manure on different fields around the farm. Some fields were grass and others were about to be ploughed up before being planted with game cover or spring barley. The manure was well rotted and a great vintage for clearing nasal blockages. I'm sure a minor celeb would patent the aroma and start to market it, it seems to be trendy these days!
The manure has a good selection of nutrients held within it which will reduce the amount of fertiliser we have to apply later in the season. The organic manure is also very important to us as it will help retain moisture in the soil for the long dry summer months.