Thursday, 26 April 2007


We are just about to start irrigating our newly planted onions for a second time and we're still only in April! With only 7mm rain so far this month, things are really dry and a continued dry spell will put the irrigators under-pressure. Watch out for the first hose pipe ban of the year coming soon! With the right weather these onions will be on the super-market shelves in 10-12 weeks.

The potatoes were having their first irrigation scheduled for the 25th May although talking to Henry today that will almost certainly shift forwards if no significant rainfall appears.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Lapwings Thriving

Derek spotted this lapwing nest whilst he was cultivating 'Sandpits' ready to plant stubble turnips for our summer sheep keep. Following our annual 'Arable Bird Survey' we counted 12 pairs of lapwing on the ground that we manage specifically for nesting Lapwing. This has been our highest count in 5 years. Lets hope with the correct 'predator' management, i.e. reducing carrion crows, magpies and other nest destroyers, these nests will yield healthy lapwing chicks!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A Grand Day Out!

Bathed in glorious sunshine we held our 3rd Farm Open Day, based between our sheep sheds and the Overbury Village Hall. 350 people attended the open day and were treated to a tractor and trailer ride from the village hall, up to Park Farm on Bredon Hill where they were given a guided tour of the ewe flock mid lambing. Several groups actually saw lambs being born which they will treasure for a long long time.
The tour started by talking about the rams, which ones we use and when they are used, then we looked at the ewes waiting to lamb, before feeding a few orphan lambs and looking at some of the farm equipment on display.
After the tour was finished the tractor took our visitors back down to the village hall where refreshments, lamb casserole and home made lamb burgers could be eaten. There were displays there from SOYL and also local produce for sale from our neighbouring farm shop, (Meadows Farm Shop at Bredons Norton). Rod and Paul, the game keepers provided an insight into their profession and a look at some of the animals and bird they have contact with on a day to day basis. A big thank you to all of those people who helped organise the day and made it the success it was.
It was a really hot day but worth all of the effort, we'll be doing it again on the 10th June 2007 when we will be taking part in the 2nd LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) organised 'Farm Sunday'

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Planting Time

Last week saw the start of the potatoes planting here at on the farm. We let Henry Chinn from Ross-on-Wye use some of our fields to grow his potatoes on. This year fields Aerodrome and Pastures are being used by Henry and they will be irrigated from our re-vamped reservoir and newly laid underground mains. will tell you all about Henry's farm, where it is, what he grows and more importantly where you can buy it from! This machine is a bed tiller and cultivates the ridges of soil before they are de-stoned, (who likes mis-shaped potatoes these days). They are finally planted. They will take about 4 weeks to emerge when the rows will look something like this...........................................

Not only are potatoes being planted but spring barley has been drilled and our wheat and Oilseed Rape crops have been fertilised (plant food).
Lambing is well underway with about 430 left to lamb. I hope there will be some for the lambing day on the 15th April when over 250 people have booked to come and see what we do!